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"i make the world turn with my power."

Super mario Brothers live in me.

11/28/05 05:30 am - zoop.


I'm in love.

11/11/05 10:07 am - the new baby in the family.



Charles: hello friends of Nate. hahaha! He calls me nate. ( i only said that because my uncle bought me the ipod and he calls me nate)

11/11/05 07:17 am

It's been 2 years since dad died and i still miss him.

[I don't really talk about my feelings towards my dad... because if hurts]

I was the only son so my dad and I were very close.

He was always my hero because he'd always make me feel like a big boy. When I found out Jules had cancer it was dad who stood by my side. I didnt know he had cancer too.... then when i found out he had, my whole world collapsed. I always thought of him as the "strong one". I always thought of him as THEE man. Being the only son, he and I were best friends so finding out he was weak inside...  made me so fuckin angry.

My dad was the one who taught me how to walk. He taught me how to do all the cool shit that i do now like skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and soccer. He and i would go to the beach every weekend (sometimes, we would bring jules) and we would bond. He'd put me on his shoulders and he'll tell me stories about the sun or clouds or ocean. I remember him telling me how deep the ocean was. I remember him telling me how BIG the sky was. When we lived in Australia, our house was by the ocean and every morning he would drink milk by the balcony... When i wake up i would always sit with him and we would talk about anything under the sun. He would educate me about life, the world, heaven, hell, music, the beach, love, anything... he was my teacher. I learned more from him than anyone in the world.

My dad was the one who taught me how to talk. My first word was dad.  From 1-6 i always slept in between him and mom but he'd be the one to hug me... when i found out he had cancer.. i was 12.. (not a lot of people know this story). the night I found out he had cancer, I was so angry. I couldnt look at him. I didn't want to talk to him. I blamed HIM for being sick. I started getting mad at mom. I started blaming her. I blamed MYSELF (i dont know why... but i did). then one night, i felt that pain.. i dont know how to describe it but it was fuckin painful. I was laying in my bed... i started missing my dad.... so i went to my parent's room and slept in between my them. i started crying cos i couldnt accept that he was sick.

Life of a Salesman - yellow card

...this is my song for my dad. What i feel towards my dad is in this. I hope right now he hears me...

What's a dad for dad?
Tell me why I'm here dad
Whisper in my ear that I'm growing up to be a better man, dad
Everything is fine dad
Proud that you are mine dad
Cause I know I'm growing up to be a better man

Father I will always be
That same boy that stood by the sea
And watched you tower over me
Now I'm older I wanna be the same as YOU.

What's a dad for dad?
Taught me how to stand, dad
Took me by the hand and you showed me how to be a bigger man, dad
Listen when you talk, dad
Follow where you walk, dad

And you know that I will always do the best I can
I can

Father I will always be (always be)
That same boy that stood by the sea
And watched you tower over me (over me)
Now I'm older I wanna be the same as you
The same as you

Father I will always be
That same boy that stood by the sea
And watched you tower over me
Now I'm older I wanna be the same as you

When I am a dad, dad
I'm gonna be a good
Do the best you could, dad
Always understood, dad
Tell me I was right, dad
Opened up my eyes, dad
Glad to call you my, dad

Thank you for my dad


...Dad, i really miss you. I wish you could come back...


i hate cancer.

11/9/05 02:07 pm - Today.

I'm not allowed to go out at night anymore because of those stupid kids who are burning Paris!!! WHAT A FUCKIN PISS OFF!!! Now, I have to be home early! early = 5pm. Damnit. Stupid WORLD! WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE?!
[not going to get worked up over that]


I went to the gym this morning. I had fun. hahaha!

I'm planning on getting an ipod photo.

11/8/05 08:58 am - Chug it down!

I'm 16 and I've been a fuckin bum all my life.

I have LOTS of interests but... it's not what i really really want to do my whole fuckin life. I want to surf / skate / sno-board my whole life but I don't think mom will like that.. so will dad. I know he's dead and all but I still have to think of him, right?

My life has always been my boards and my guitar (sometimes, singing and acting) but it's so fuckin childish. Oh yah, i forgot... SEX.

[In my defense, i enjoy sex because it makes ME feel good plus I know my limits. I don't just have sex with some girl to just fuckin fuck her. did i make sense? I know my "boundaries" and i know my morals. That sounds so fucked up..umm, twisted but i am aware of my morals. I know how to treat a woman. I know when to be serious and when not to. You can't say "oh, he's such a boy" because there are some fucked up girls out there too! Who fuckin play with guys' hearts and minds. That's fuckin not fair!]

Hehehe. Did I just get worked up over that?! Hahahaha! ...hmm... amusing don't you think? (wink)

Carms woke up me up fuckin early.  Damnit.

My ringing tone is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. The Bridge plays when my phone rings. So, I woke up to that. Hehehe. I laugh whenever I hear that song. It's one of those songs that is fun to sing in the bathroom!

11/6/05 10:08 am - another entry.

  2. IS
  3. HERE


I found a photo of Patrick. I hope he checks my Lj soon so he could see his ugly self. Hahaha!

We took a photo of our Dad's Cousin's (our uncle) kid! Meet Moe. they live in Canada and visited us for a week.

9/12/05 09:42 am - "addicted to conspiracy"

It's 9am and I spent the whole night in my boat! Rock on! (with Karen) but nothing happened. BORING.

Now, im in my room and  I decided to go online and update.
I'm multi-tasking right now. I'm playing the guitar and updating. Fun thing to do when you're bored. It's hard though. It's difficut to hold an electric guitar while typing but i'm doing fine. hehe.

I'm into yellowcard again.
I played ocean avinue and empty apartment while ago. Now, im playing miles apart. the drum beats in ocean avenue is are very catchy. Whenever i hear that song, the drums make me bop my head.. or... "head bang" Hehehe.

My mood changed.
Now, im playing Best Of Me =starting line=
this song is crazy! Awesome grooves baby!!!

BE RIGHT BACK. I feel like going crazy with this fuckin electric!

[Bailey goes crazy! Jumps around and rocks on his electric!]

....im back! Time to go!

9/11/05 03:41 am - Pop music is kililng me.

I have a girlfriend. ;) but she's not naughty like me.

I'm awake. I want to sleep but i can't sleep. I'm.... hot. It's always  this time of the day when i wanna do something HOT. Damnit.

I'll call someone up? I'll distract myself by talking on the phone with a friend. hehe.

9/4/05 06:13 am - atom ant!

Interesting I'm awake.

I woke up because i thought i heard noises outside my room at around three am.
I thought Subzero and Clark were making the noises but... they we're in my room. Sort of freaked out. hahahaha! Maybe it was dad trying to have sex with mom. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Love you dad! I'm just kidding.

I came back from Madrid. I didnt do much there besides soccer with Eduardo and his buddies. I shopped a little. I bought soccer jerseys and shit.

Now, I'm back home. Ready to start school next week!

8/31/05 11:31 am



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